Samurai Jack's Lesser Known Cousin.

Finally it's my long awaited post with some educational merit! Enough of the woes of my internal organs, Star Trek & Matango, it's time for some serious blogging material!

Giles Milton wrote a Historical Narrative of Samurai William, The Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan. I'm going to let you pick up the book on your own to read, but I will treat you to some of the illustrations. Fortunately, there are handy little comments by the author, so you don't have to read my sarcastic quips. (But I'm going to make them anyway! Be sure to click on the photo so you can read along. My comments are of extremely poor taste and I wouldn't want you to miss any of them. Enjoy!)

These maps are pretty cool. Slightly inaccurate by today's standards, but funky nonetheless. (A nod to cartographing-Bob, these charts are for you...)

Fascinated yet repulsed. That pretty much summarizes my feelings about Portuguese Captains as well. On the other hand Professor Francis Xavier has good things to say about them!

The monks' attitude towards foreigners hasn't changed much. The Japanese are offended by my butchering of the language as well. But so far, no one has committed Sepukku because of it yet.

It's nice to see that such care is taken to prolong the agony of Christians during Crucifixion. I'd hate to see anyone miss out on a lovely day of sunbathing.

If I ever get so fat that I can't mount my horse, then I think it's seppuku time!

I, too, find Japanese women to be well faced, handed and footed but I'm not having as much luck at finding ones with which to frollicke.

I've learned not to hoope & hallow in the presence of Great Buddhas. After the third or fourth hoope, there ain't much hope.

Those barbarians, testing their swords on criminals...these days, we only use them for testing cosmetics.

With a name like Richard Cocks, it's no wonder that he enjoyed the company of prostitutes & mistresses.

I feel like I was disemboweled last week (sorry I promised no more talk of my internal organs.)

mmm...voluptuousness! We men of antique years need to get it when we can.

Torture was commonplace & gruesome in Japan. Hmmm, where have I heard that statement used recently?

Executions & burnings...be sure to bring your faggots! (No, I am not above puerile humour!)

Credit where credits due department. The above photos are hereby accredited to the following. Of course without a page reference that isn't very helpful...I'm really not very good at this History thing, am I?

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