BooBoo Bear.

Why did nobody in my vast readership inform me of my pool-booboo? I had chosen Kevin Bieksa as both a Defenseman and a Forward! Oh Dopey Me! I searched the Canucks roster and came up with a replacement in Mason Raymond who has only racked up one point just like Bieksa.

My revised pool standings are as follows:

Alex Tanguay - Montreal Canadiens are gone, but I got 1 assist before they left.
Mason Raymond (Vancouver Canucks) 1 assist
Jonathan Toews (Chicago Blackhawks) 2 goals 4 assists
Mats Sundin (Vancouver Canucks) 1 goal 1 assist

Dennis Wideman (Boston Bruins) 4 assists
Kevin Bieksa (Vancouver Canucks) 1 assist
Kris Letang (Pittsburg Penguins) 3 assists

Roberto Luongo (Vancouver Canucks) win 5, S/O 1

I didn't gain any points today from Boston's win, cuz my pick keeps shooting WideMan! (Heads up to Alex for that pun.)

Nor did I acquire any from yesterday's Canucks win. But every game they win is good for me overall.

Here's a clip from today's Bruins game for your amusement:

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