Gran Day Out!

I had a pretty good day at work with a lighter schedule than usual and only one surprise lesson that wasn't on my timetable (or I forgot to pencil it in.)

After work, I headed over to Movix to see a
ファーストデイ flick (the first day of the month is only 1000¥ all day) but since there wasn't too much to see, I saw the newly released movie,
グラン・トリノ グラン・トリノ (Gran Torino) with Clint as Walt Dirty Harry Kowalski (new release...HA! It's released on DVD next month!) Great movie with a star performance by Ahney Her though her little brother wasn't quite up to snuff. Very few dry eyes at the end of it (self included, truth be told.)

I hadn't eaten dinner, so I walked into the Mall supermarket for a bite to snack on and lo and behold: THREE NEW KITKAT FLAVOURS at only 258¥ a pop!

First up カスタートプリン (Custard Pudding) that is not new at all as that link will attest, but the package is horizontal as opposed to vertical. Tricky little devils!

Next up is 抹茶 (Green Tea) which has also been recycled. Only this time, they rook you into buying an Assortment Pack which includes only 4/13 minis with the other 9 as regular Chocolate. It tastes better than I'd remembered though!

Finally, there is チョコ & ローズ (Choco & Rose) which is completely original yet again an assortment of 4 Rose & 10 Choco. It has a slightly acerbic taste, not unpleasant but not overly rosy either. Oh well, at least I got 4 mini wafers for my 768¥! Definitely good news for my Bridge Club who will have a surprising donation of 19 Choco-KitKats at the snack table...

Just so I could munch on my dindin without creating too much din, I also picked up a Rookies Popcorn set. From the poster, it looked like a box of popcorn and a drink with the Rookies label, so I was hoping for a collectible cup I could take home. Alas, they were naught but paper, though to make up for it, I received 3 postcards. Too bad I've never come across a Denny's in Sendai, or else I could get one of these!

Before hopping on my bike, I popped into a UFO Catch facility (Friday is half price, don't ya know) to see what's new and I grabbed one of these with my first try!

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