Wanna See My Uterus?

I know I'm being awfully presumptuous by referring to her as my Uterus, but it makes for a catchy title, doesn't it? This is my recent Darts-pal and with any luck perhaps more so.
Her name is Kumiko and she's a Gynecologist (hence Uterus being her avatar name at Darts). We've chatted quite a bit and I'm taking it fairly slow cuz I'm batting way out of my league on this one. Furthermore, she is a very nice woman and I learned tonight that 1/3 of female Doctors are single, 1/3 are married and 1/3 are divorced. She's in the former category and beats my minimum age requirement (which is dating no one who's less than 1/2 my age) by a decade. Wish me luck folks, I need some positive vibes on this one!

Here are a few pictures of her in action at Darts. If you line up the photos right, you can make a little animation out of them.

In the background, you'll see her opponent, a tall leggy gal named Aya who unsurprisingly works in a Snack or a Hostess Bar. She really enjoyed my joke about "nice bust". (When you are counting down in Darts, if your total is less than zero, you bust. After every shot, people compliment one another with "nice shot" or "nice bullseye"..."nice bust" was an appreciated double entendre.)

You see this guy in the background below? He's a co-owner of the joint, 9s-Bull my local hideaway wherein I've shot some stick or tossed some Darts over the last few years. They're a real friendly bunch, so head on over if you're in the neighbourhood!
You know what else is cool? (I wish I'd taken a pic of it.) You can play online against an individual or team in another city anywhere else in Japan. When they shoot, there's a little video feed of the guy or gal and after the match is over, players bow to one another and then wave goodbye. So cool!
The End.


Anonymous said...

This post was a bunch of bull.
Good luck with her-she's cute!

Michael Jones said...

I think the trick to keeping her around is to never introduce her to my friends!


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