I'm Bagged.

GROUCHO: "Yes, there wasn't a cigar store in the neighborhood, as I say, I was sitting in front of the cabin when I bagged six tigers..."
DUMONT: "(interrupts again) Oh! Captain, did you catch six tigers?"
GROUCHO: "I bagged them, I bagged them to go away but they hung around all afternoon, they were the most persistent tigers I've ever seen.
(Can anyone identify what movie the above is from?)

Just so you know, I'm using the fifth definition of the term bagged from the Urban Dictionary, not the above. I'm pooped and I only have two holiday days left before I'm back in the full swing of things. 

Since I have your attention though, I'll showcase a couple of the bags and other stuff I've accumulated over the last little while. First up, we have a large スポンジ・ボブのバッグ. Just look at the picture and you should be able to translate it for yourself.

Next, we have some bags of peanuts from KFC. (Wait a sec, KFC sells Peanuts?) There is also a mini-ground sheet that came in useful at the Fireworks the other night.

Baby ミッキー &  ミニー offer up a ミニトートバッグ (mini tote bag).

This bag featuring Akubi-Girl, who is the daughter of ハクション大魔王 (Hakushon Daimaou) which is about a sneezing genie!

I am completely unaware of where I bagged this bag from, perhaps from a festival vendor. The creator is 垣野内 成美 or Narumi Kakinouchi whose work includes 吸血姫美夕 (Vampire Princess Miyu.)

These aren't bags, but rather a couple of mini-towels featuring
ピーターラビット (Peter Rabbit) and a Gachapin one.

Finally, there's Чебурашка or チェブラーシカ or Cheburashka which became very popular in Japan after an animated film series about him was shown in 15 cinemas all over Japan and was watched by approximately 700,000 Japanese between summer 2001 and spring 2002. In 2008, the Cheburashka films were inducted into the Ghibli Museum Library with a Japanese theatrical release on the same date as Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. (The above was scammed from Wiki, comrade.)

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The Frog Queen said...

Very cool stuff....except for Sponge Bob. He kinda creeps me out :D



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