Forthcoming Movies.

I saw my Thor, I'll go see Kokuriko on Saturday and may see Super 8 before it disappears, but what else is out there?

I saw Potter's Hairy Goblet last night on the tube and couldn't really get into it. So I think I'll wait a few years and catch the Deathly Hallows when it makes it to regular tv. If you're interested though, here's a peek.

Though I often pick up the Happi Setto toys, I have yet to poke my head into a Pokemon movie but if you want to take a peek at Pikachu, feel free.

Other much cooler looking animes that I have never seen include Naruto

and Hagaren/ Full Metal Alchemist though I did get 4/6 of the tie-in phone-straps.

I see that one of the characters is a Panda named シャオメイ (Shaomei), well another Panda winds its way to the screen, a Kung Fu Panda. In typically timely fashion, Japan is premiering the movie about the same time as America is debuting its DVD. I never did see the first one, maybe I'll wait until they're both released here on DVD. Scammed some cool stickers though!

I'm not sure whether this is a live-action remake of the above or not, but it appears as though PandaMan is coming to the big screen.

Before I stray too far from the kiddie's movies, drive on over to Cars 2. Not having a 5-year old son, I never got around to seeing the first one and I suspect the only reason to see this one would be for the Toy Story goes Hawaiian short.

Though I've gathered up some of their toys, I've never seen a Masked Rider movie before either. I doubt if I'll break that policy and go see Sentai 199.

A couple of movies for dog-lovers include Rock-Wanko which may sound like a self-love movie for the Rock but is about an adorable puppy. The dogs have grown up for the Japanized version of K-9 without Jim Belushi in DOG X Police.

Finally, how many of these movies can you boast to have seen? You can catch them once a week in Rifu at 10 bucks a pop. I've seen it a dozen times but I think I'd like to see Sound of Music on a big screen once again.


The Frog Queen said...

Wow, really love seeing those posters! Very, very cool!

And I agree, Sound of Music on the big screen does sound fantastic!


Michael Jones said...

These posters are actually small flyers that are given away at the theatre!
When I finally get around to sending you a care package, I'll include some.


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