Let's Crea Things Up.

When I bought my curry cubes I also picked up a package ハッシュドビーフ ドライトマトチップ(hashed beef: tomato chip) which included クレアおばちゃんのミニ料本 (Aunt Crea's mini-Cookbook/Recipe Book). To be honest I thought I was getting a cutesy book of Nursery Rhymes but of course I was wrong. (Hit the link above and you get a box of her Cream Stew at only 4X the price of what I paid for it.)

For hints on how to prepare her Cream Stews, check these out.

Click for more Glico commercials.

Once I cook up my delicious hashed meat with tomato chips, I'll give you a review. (I think I'll give away the little book though.)

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