I know absolutely nil about K-Pop except for a band called Kara that is topping the charts these days. While surfing for other stuff, I came across a rather sweet tune about "a guy searching for his girlfriend who has become lost in Oz". I don't recollect Dorothy ever having a beau nor do I recall the RubySilver shoes becoming Dancing shoes but it could be in one of the later novels.

The performers of this tune go by クラジクワイ・プロジェクト in Japanese, CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT in English and by 클래지콰이 프로젝트 in their native tongue. For more info, you can always access their Wiki page.

Here's a version of the song with some English subtitles linked with pictures of Oz and the Clazziquai group but first check out this unembeddable link with anime!

This was featured on the MUCHO MUSICA album, Track 10. The World of OZ

It was also released as a single in Japan and retitled "Wizard of Oz".

Here is the same song, "Wizard of Oz" sung in a mix of Korean & English from the album, Mucho Punk:

If you aren't sick of the tune yet, you can sing along* thanks to this English sub:

*provided you know Korean, that is.

If it isn't raining tomorrow, I'm going to go on a Used CD hunt for the above because I'm too cheap to go to Amazon!

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