I Boast Yost as Most Verbose Host.

"Now it's time to turn those lights down a wee bit low" for I'm sad to report the passing of Elwy Yost. EVERY Ontario resident knows him as the host of Magic Shadows and Saturday Night at the Movies, two TVO institutions that kept us home weeknights and on Saturday night.

Over the years, SNAM has had the privilege of interviewing many of Hollywood's greatest actors, actresses, directors, writers, producers, and cinematographers, including William Goldman, Ray Bradbury, John Candy, John Sayles, Martin Short, Penny Marshall, Ivan Retiman, Robert Towne, Catherine O'Hara, Cybill Sheppard, Norman Jewison, Crispin Glover, Eli Roth, Michael Madsen, Gary Busey, Mel Brooks, Donald Sutherland, William Friedkin, and John Singleton, amounting to over 1,300 interviews to date.

Here he is in an interview with Dr. Tongue, tongue securely implanted in cheek.

I had the privelege of meeting Mr. Yost at a fund-raising event and we spoke at great length about King Kong, The Wizard of Oz and Popeye. I seem to recall that he was partially responsible for the restoration of the KK-Fay Wray seduction scene and he aired it one night much to my delight.
ps. His son, Graham, wrote the screenplays for "Speed" & "Broken Arrow" and his dad made Yost pickles!

Though I don't know him well, I'll mention the passing of 原田 芳雄 (Yoshio Harada) who starred in over 80 Japanese movies, few of which I'm fit to speak. But hey cool, he's a Blues singer too!

Fortunately I don't have a third death to add so I'll mention that today happens to be PI Approximation Day, (22/7) so run out and grab something similar to a PIE, I found a delicious banana/coconut tart.

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