Strongarming Armstrong.

Thanks to a lovely bit of Spyware, my computer was inaccessible until a geek-friend helped me out. Thus I missed out on a few days of posts, therefore I'll finish off Indy so I can get back to my normal silliness.

I stopped buying Empire magazine (the best of them all IMHO) when they changed distributors to Japan and HMV and Tower Records in Sendai no longer carried it. (I occasionally snag one when I get to Tower in Tokyo and I bought a few in Canada when I was home but they're a little more expensive than they used to be.) Anywho, I was desperate for some reading material so I grabbed the latest issue (at more than twice the price at Maruzen, the only place that carries it...sigh.)

I thought I might be able to scam some lesson-material from the Harry Potter insert and as I was perusing it, I saw an interview with Indy's clone, Vic Armstrong. Here are a few of the pics from that interview.

He's busy promoting his new autobio,
The True Adventures of the World’s Greatest Stuntman yet someone has beat me to the punch by posting a few pics. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy, it looks like an interesting read.

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