Thunderbirds Are GO!

I was certain that I'd showcased my サンダーバード Thunderbirds swag before, but I have just spent an hour looking through my blog and it's nowhere to be found. I hadn't even created a label for Thunderbirds until today (click it at the bottom of this page for a few Super-Marionated tidbits.) So somewhere in a box sitting behind me is a stash of Thunderbirds toys that need to be dug up, photographed and blogged about. Nah, maybe later.

When I got my first real paycheque a few weeks ago, I ran out and bought a DVD of Thunderbirds (and a mystery DVD that I'll save until after I've seen it.) It's another of the DeAgostini scams that you buy a DVD every two weeks until you've completed the series. The first one was 8 bucks but the next one jumps to 18 bucks which is pretty steep for one episode.

Anyway, I watched episode one tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. The sound and picture quality is superb (you can see every string!) and it was a great intro to the series. I'll show details in the future, for I'm ailing with a cold and need to retire (I wasted too much time searching my blog!)

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