Sawa Grapes!

What's the best thing to come out of today's match? The above 親父ギャグ oyaji gyaggu! As usual, there's lots of Japan bashing whenever they accomplish something and now instead of "Sour Grapes" (負け惜しみ), we can exclaim "Sawa Grapes" thanks to our MVP-winning Captain, 澤穂希 (Homare Sawa).

I already wrote about the game this morning but was shocked to learn that it made the front page of the Toronto Star! Considering most of Canada doesn't know what a soccer ball looks like (myself included), I'm surprised it got any coverage.

I also asked my brother if he has any flowers from the Genus Dianthus where their team, Nadeshiko, derives its name. He quickly forwarded me some of his Pinks (from last year, they're not in bloom right now.) FYI, trivia nuts, the colour Pink may have originated from this flower due to its frayed edges. The verb "to pink" or to cut into a jagged edge (eg. Pinking Shears) does.

Today is 海の日/Marine Day and that means a day off for me and this year...I get paid for it! WooHoo! So I stayed home and did bugger all all day. Not quite following tradition* but I got a lot accomplished.
*(海の日の趣旨は「海の恩恵に感謝するとともに、海洋国日本の繁栄を願う」ということです。The purpose of Marine Day is “to appreciate the benefits of the sea, and to pray for the prosperity of this seafaring country, Japan.”)

In honour of our petite yet spunky Cup-winning gals, I'm going to showcase some of the cuter paraphernalia I've accumulated over the last few weeks.

First up is a quartet of RiraKuma pens and the timing couldn't be better for the mini-pens I have on my keychain are almost out of ink.

Other cutesy animals include a bearhair-clip, two bejeweled rabbits, a tryptich of penguins (snoozing, skating and servicing) and a trio of Skelanimals.
More animals: Panda and Frog McDigi, a bear-light, a Nyanpire, and a couple of Care Bears!

There are 15 of these Thomas trains! How much coffee do kids drink?
As usual, there are pieces of One Piece products. I got this mini-file folder with two of these candy-cones and this big file when I bought 6 cheap teas. The fan is one of three I got for one coin at UFO Catcher! (Although this one is busted!)
Finally, a few new KitKats. The Bitter Strawberry came out a while ago but it came in handy last week when a couple of young lasses didn't believe me when I dubbed myself the "KitKat King". I'd given them all a new Cookies and Cream and I bragged that I always have an emergency KitKat with me. Doubting my sincerity, I had to prove myself with the Bitter Strawberry. The Strawberry Hazelnut just came out so I have a new weapon to whip out! They really are minis, aren't they?

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