Post-Parade Party People.

I managed to wind my way through the hordes of people and met Alex at Mediatech and then hooked up with a few more pals including fellow Canuck, Stefan & family.

Here Alex has managed to hypnotize Stefan with his lazer eyes.

Stef's son Kai engaged in what 13 year-old kids do best.
I've been waiting eight years for this but Kai finally apologized for poking me in the eye when he was 5.
Keiko on the left, unknown lady in the middle and Stef's wife Fumie in the middle. Be sure to visit Fumie's Fashion page where she designs kimono outfits.
Alex belts one out of the park.
After Liga, we wandered over to another pub where I bumped into a bevy of babes, the one in stripes is a former Tokiwagi student of mine.

So long Stefan et al. See ya in another couple of years.

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