Michael Jones and the Contest of Doom!

I have an extra copy of the Japanese movie pamphlets for IJatToD and IJatLC so if any of my loyal followers write a comment, I'll drop your name in Indy's hat and draw out 2 winners. If you're just dropping by and want to become a follower, it'll double your chances! (If I end up getting swamped with requests, I have some doubles of Godzilla movie pamphlets that'll get thrown in the fedora.)

Full disclosure: it takes me ages to get around to my promises of sending stuff out but I get paid next week and that'll mean that I can finally afford to make good on my promises.


Erick said...

I'd like to win. Please throw my name in the hat.

Michael Jones said...

That was quick. I'll guarantee you a pamphlet, even if it's a runner-up.


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