Robbed Again!

Well, my buddy Rob has come and gone again, only this time I managed to snap some photos of his mini-Sayonara. It all started out in Kotodai-Koen with some brews in the park where a handful of students, ex-coworkers and other assorted homies mingled with the homeless who were bedding down for the night. We would have stayed later but some A**Hole drunken types began hassling the homeless and when they didn't have their fill, turned their aggression towards us. I was predicting a Jets vs Sharks melee so we just packed up and left. Btw, these were not young punk-kid/Yankee boys but older "tough" guys in their 40s.

Once the farewells were bade, we meandered over to Liga for a couple of hours of Karaoke...then over to Ernies and a nightcap at Shaft before cabbing it home as the sun began to rise! No wonder I was so sleepy at work today!

I wowed the newcomers with my rendition of Mack the Knife, sang Beatle's Happy Birthday to the bar owner and reprised "All You Need is Rob" from his last Sayonara. (Note to self, that song is perfect for the occasion, "Rob, Rob me Do"...not so much and "Rob Me Tender" just sounds a bit gay.)

It's the chubbiest artist/caligrapher in the city plus a couple of cute buskers!


Brew me a river said...

I love Sendai. You can put the bird right in some guy's face, and know that he'll know what it means. Then you either have a conversation about it or he walks off.

Not so Tokyo. All signifiers are off the table here. It's very confusing when that's your primary way of getting through to people. Har.

Anonymous said...

That's as near as I could approximate the groovy warm feeling I got from reading this post.
Hmmfhhhhdfffufmmfmhhshffmmmmdhhhhfffmmm...shomethiing warm.


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