Frogs Pray For Japan.

The common Japanese Tree frog アマガエル (ama-gaeru) can be found all over Japan but are not that easy to spot since they're only 3-4cm long. I haven't seen one in a couple of years but apparently they are not threatened and are one of the few amphibians that are still thriving.

This little tyke has taken up the cause of Japan's recent plight by getting "Pray for Japan" tattooed on its underside. He and 15 of his colourful mates have some sort of deal going but I can't quite decypher it. I pulled this off the website and maybe you can make some sense of it.

3月11日に発生いたしました東日本大震災から、早くも4ヶ月が経過しようとしております。被災地の方々には、心よりお見舞いを申し上げます。現在、奇譚クラブでは東日本大震災で被災された方への復興支援としてネイチャーテクニカラーシリーズの売上金一部を義援金として日本赤十字社を通じて寄付させていただく活動を行っております。こちらの『ネイチャーテクニカラーMONOアマガエルPLAY FOR JAPAN マグネット×ストラップ』は奇譚クラブ分の収益全額(コストなどの諸経費を除いた利益)を寄付させていただく復興支援特別商品として制作をいたしました。
I think the little bit of Japlish there is an error, it's not "Play for Japan", it's "Pray for Japan" but you get the idea.

As you can see here and in my fuzzy photos, there are 8 different colours (one is secret) of either a magnet or a strap (I got a magnet) and they cost 200¥ a pop which is a bit steep for me right now, or I'd get them all.

They're about the size of the oxymoronically named Bigリトル (Big/Little) KitKats which apparently don't melt in your hand. Initially it's true, but they do eventually melt, so I don't recommend carrying them around in your palm. You can find these tree frogs in a few of the Capsule stations around the city, I suspect if you buy one, some of the proceeds are donated, but I can't be sure of that.
Cute little buggers though!

I'll leave you with some kung fu frogging.


The Frog Queen said...

Oh, is this not your best post ever! :D So many frogs!!!!

Very cool charity idea! Actually any idea with frogs is a good idea :D


Pip said...

wicked frogs.
I'm always learning new mixed martial arts.


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