C'mon Baby, Light My Fire.

A few weeks ago during one of my Business lessons, a student espied my OnePiece umbrella and her desire to own it. I didn't succomb to her request but the following week, I was wandering through the supermarket and they had a "Buy 2 packs of Curry cubes, snag a free OnePiece cutting board" deal and I picked it up. When it came time for her lesson, I wasn't intending on giving it to her but, on a lark, I did.

Last Thursday, she reciprocated with a set of ワンピースはなび (OnePiece Hanabi)! I thanked her profusely and hoped I'd get a chance to use them on Canada Day. Unfortunately, fellow Canuck Rob & Brit Andy decided to spend a few extra days volunteering in Ishinomaki. (They can be SO selfish sometimes.)

I doubt if I'll do any whooping it up for Independence Day so Alex and his kids and another visiting Canuck, Stefan & spawn will have to have our own little fireworks party.

Apart from the sparklers, I don't really know what the others do but I'm sure that with a few beers in us, we'll be as careless as the kiddies.

Hey cool, I even get an original Badge from the new movie!

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