It Might Have Been.

In the words of Neil Young (and others before him),
The saddest words
Of tongue or pen
Are these four words
It might have been

Once again my dreams of happiness have been dashed to the ground and trampled upon. Four years ago I wrote, in English, the resume of Olympic Figure Skater, Shizuka Arakawa and though we were destined to meet at a Rakuten Eagles game later that night, such an encounter was not to be due to the fates of the gods and scheduling conflicts.

This morning, I presided over a lovely wedding ceremony with the expectation of quaffing a brew or two at the Beer Fest afterwards, but instead I ended up watching "Brave and the Bold" on YouTube when I went home to change. Shortly thereafter, a colleague informed me that Ms. Arakawa was at that very beer fest and so I changed my garb and quickly grabbed the next bus. Upon arrival, I was informed that she had already left and thus yet again, destiny spat in my face and left my heart unrequited. I know that should we eventually meet, our lives will become entwined and we shall be inseparable. (Okay...Reality check. She may actually have still been at the fest but in all honesty, I don't really know what she looks like!)

After I realized that, yet again, our paths would not cross, I instead met up with my co-workers for a colleague's Sayonara party. We had a swell time and though I proved myself triumphant at the games we played (billiards & darts), I now type this with a slightly heavy heart for I know that I once again am destined to be alone.

As I type the above, it has just turned 4 am and seconds before, the earth shook and my life flashed before me. Frankly it was a pretty dull revelation and so I shall now retire for the evening.


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