Herbivore Men.

The other night at Rob's Sayonara, a couple of his former students were asking me for advice on their love-life. I'm not entirely certain I'm the best person to confer with for I doled out such trivialities as trust your instincts and take it slow. They were interested in a couple of the new Swedish guys in town and everyone knows that they are Bjorn to be Wild.

One of the problems young Japanese gals have is they don't get any experience in dating cuz Japanese guys these days have turned into herbivores and are not interested in women.

According to that link, the author Fukasawa said, "typically, "herbivore men" are in their 20s and 30s, and believe that friendship without sex can exist between men and women. Shigeyuki Nagayama said such men were not eager to find girlfriends and tend to be clumsy in love, and he admitted he seemed to fit the mold himself. "My father always asks me if I got a girlfriend. He tells me I'm no good because I can't get a girlfriend." Midori Saida, a 24-year-old woman sporting oversized aviators and her dyed brown hair in long ringlets, said "herbivore men" were "flaky and weak." "We like manly men," she said. "We are not interested in those boys -- at all."

Personally, I don't think I'm quite carnivorous enough myself for I do take my sweet time grazing and often lose my prey. This latest collection I've acquired won't help my case any either. Now that I have all 6, I think I'll start my own little Herb Garden by Merry Farming. What this Merry Farmer doesn't realize is that instead of dropping 158¥ for a package of seeds, you can get a tea from the conbini with the package attached for only 147¥ or in my case, I shopped around and got them for a buck a pop.

I'll give you updates on my garden once it begins sprouting. Near as I can figure out, I have スイートバジル (Sweet Basil), リーフレタス (Leaf Lettuce), パセリ (Parsley), ネギ (Negi like Chives), サラダ葉 (Salad Leaves, and something called 三つ葉 (Mitsuba or Lemon wort.)

Hey and my Daddy Long Legs is back. I guess he got tired of being washed down the drain in my shower room and has taken up residence behind my PC.

As Peaches and Herb recommend, I plan to Shake my Groove Thing tomorrow night at ENN2 after the 六根祭 (Rokkon-Sai) consisting of the following 6 major Festivals from around the Prefecture.

Aomori: Nebuta Matsuri (青森ねぶた祭り)
Akita: Kantou Matsuri (秋田竿灯祭り)
Iwate: Morioka Sansa Matsuri (盛岡さんさ祭り)
Yamagata: Hanagasa Matsuri (花笠祭り)
Miyagi: Sendai Tanabata Matsuri (仙台七夕祭り)
Fukushima: Waraji Matsuri (福島わらじ祭り)

Should be a blast! Wish me luck as a Predator!

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