My Dream.

I never remember my dreams and when I do they are rarely about celebrities but last night...

(Back story: I went to bed late and awoke at 6:30 in the heat but managed to fall back asleep for a few hours.)

I was backstage on the set of David Letterman and Nicole(?) Hilton was visiting her sister, Paris, a guest on the show. Nicole told Dave that she was an avid chess player and gymnast, explaining that after a raucous bout of sex, her partners are always exhausted and she uses chess as an outlet. Dave commented that he uses ">>>>>>" as an outlet. (I cannot recall what he said. Let's assume it was "cheese.")

I piped in, that David uses crying as an emotional outlet. Dave, looking rather peeved glared at me and asked, "What do you use as an emotional outlet, Michael?" Without missing a beat, I responded, "Watching you cry."

He approved and then a stagehand challenged Nicole to a game of chess. He quickly lost and she kissed him on the cheek. It was my turn to play and after awhile managed to beat her. She asked me what my prize for winning should be and I mentioned that the stagehand got a kiss on the cheek for losing and "Well..." trailing off. She began to pucker up when a loud noise occurred backstage and a blonde woman arrived carrying two crates of luggage. "Found you." was all she uttered and Nicole began to cry. She had dumped this girl in Europe but she'd managed to track her down.
...and then I woke up.

The above was probably inspired by a viewing of Dave's Top Ten mentioning Aquaman before I retired. Although I would recognize a photo of Paris Hilton, I have NO idea what her sister looks like (or even if she has one) and was probably mixing her up with Nicole Ritchie of whose appearance I have little recollection.

Back to my normal life now, I have a parade to get ready for.

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