Mighty Sore!

Friday night I had the opportunity to see マイティ・ソー
(Mighty Thor) and I loved it. Probably my favourite Comic-Movie since Iron Man (#1, natch) for it had everything a nerd/geek/otaku (nerkaku? otagerd?) needs: vikings, Thor (Thor's Day=Thursday, great bit of trivia there), Jane Foster (I can forgive changing her from a nurse to an astro-physicist), Loki (who was anything but Low Key), Heimdall, Frost Giants, the Destroyer!!, Sif, Warriors Three (Hogun could have been grimmer, Fandral was just dashing enough but I expected Volstagg to be more voluminous), other comic references: Donald Blake, an archer named Barton, Stan the Man, lots of stuff for Agent Coulson to do, Nick of course and the goldurned CC...I don't want to give away the post-credits spoiler.

It's directed with Shakespearean pinache and contains a wonderful sense of humour throughout. The 2D version is in Japanese-only so we sprung the extra loot for 3D and I wasn't disappointed by it. I squealed with glee at several occasions and my friend who has never heard of Thor thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

Here's the cast and a summary for those of you who need some back story.

監督:ケネス・ブラナー (Director: Kenesu Buranaa)
クリス・ヘムズワース (Kurisu Hemuzuwaazu)
ナタリー・ポートマン (Natarii Pootoman)
アンソニー・ホプキンス (Ansonii Hopukinsu)



Since the thermometer is given to Mighty Thor soar mightily of late, and being a Mjolnir fan, I bought a Mjolnir-fan for myself and my companion. I can't wait to show it off at work and fan up a storm.

There was an old-school set of classic Marvel stickers that I had to get for nostalgic reasons including the classic Heroes' names & year of Origin (though I could do without the "For Class President" by-line), classic poses and some classic covers.

I thought that 500¥ for a clear file-folder was a bit steep but it was a pretty good pic of Thor. When I got it home I discovered that on the reverse are headshots of the three stars. But even better, I discovered that there was another file-folder featuring a half dozen stars in oddly coloured pants and an iconic Marvel poster!

Buddy Alex was unable to attend so I picked him up a present as well, one of those hard plastic sheets you put between the pages of your notebook so you can write easily. One side features Thor & headshots of Jane, Loki, Odin & Hogun and several different poses of Odinson in all his glory.

You can see all these and others over on the Froovie page including an adorable little Thor keychain.

There is a campaign going on in which you can win one of 5 Figures, 20 Hammer-USBs, 50 T-shirts or 20 dumbbell/clocks. Since it's all in Japanese, I only got 4/10 on the first try but that was enough to enter for the USB, I tried again and got 8/10 which allowed me to try for the Figure but I had to open a Twitter account to compete for the t-shirt or clock.

We won't get to see キャプテン・アメリカ:ザ・ファースト・アベンジャー until October, but here's a preview...

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