At the cinema, there was a giant poster for Green Lantern which premieres next month but I forgot my camera. The pix I took with my phone were less than terrific. It has not done quite as well as Warners would like, even the comic geeks are unenthralled. Me, I think it looks pretty cool, though I suspect even I'll be disappointed. (It takes a lot for me to dislike a Comic-movie...I liked Ghost Rider and some of Daredevil.)

There was a giant 3D cardboard cut out of Transformers but I didn't bother with snapping a photo of it. This pretty sums up what I think of that movie:

But there was a wall size poster of コクリコ坂から (Kokuriko Zaka Kara) and that movie is the next on my list.

Lawsons has a mini-poster available if you want to go grab a freebie copy.

The soundtrack is also up for grabs, alas, I'm not sure which of the following if any are featured upon it...

Regardless, it opens next weekend and I hope to see it.

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