I've spoken of Atomu before and I'm sure you recall that he once chilled with Anne Frank and Helen Keller, but did you know he also hung out with アインシュタイン (Albert Einstein) back in the day?

I should probably save this for Talk like a Physicist Day or Pi Day (also Einstein's birthday) but that was back in March. Thus since June 6th is the anniversary of D-Day, there is some relevance. (Besides, I've been suffering from a cold and I can't think of anything else to post.)

Here are some highlights from their encounter and a few panels showcasing Al's upbringing.

お茶の水博士 (Professor Ochanomizu), his sister, Uran & his teacher, ヒゲオヤジ (Hige-Oyaji) are attempting to perform some experiments and channel Albert Einstein via a seance.

It all starts off with Al & his family growing up in Munich. A forlorn looking lad, he was never very interested in any sports.

He certainly wasn't very keen on the goose-stepping soldiers either!

At the age of 5, his father showed him a pocket compass and the rest, as they say, is history!

Al came up with lots of cool theories about space & time.

He even found the time to visit Japan to fly kites & feed fauns.

Eventually he came up with a rather famous formula, E=mc2.

The next time he indirectly visited Japan, it was with great consternation! Wow, nobody does angst like this guy!

Finally he and his little granddaughter (?) revisited his childhood compass.

BTW, is anybody out there looking forward to this in October?

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Anonymous said...

That cover is awesome. Atom is actually Einstein's wang- it all makes sense now! Atomic power= sexual potency. But who does the girl riding the Fat man's Little boy represent? Japan? He did help screw them pretty good!


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