Anyone Like Sukiyaki?

I debuted a music-appreciation lesson on Sunday and perfected it today by presenting Sukiyaki to my class. Since I don't have the cd, I had to do it アカペラ a cappella style more like 4 P.M. than A Taste of Honey.

Apart from being a great tune, the English lyrics also include an example of the Unreal Conditional so I can even sound like a real teacher. "If only you were here, you'd wash away my tears."

Thanks to the wonders of Romaji, I could also introduce the song by singing it in Japanese! 上を向いて歩こう...Ue o muite arukou originally sung by the great Kyu Sakamoto who topped the American charts back in '63.

Since the quake, Suntory brought back the tune and had celebrities sing it including Tommy Lee Jones! He's at the 0:55, 1:32, 4:24, 6:27 & 6:52 mark on the first of these compilations:

Here's the second compilation but sadly, no Tommy Lee Jones.

Tommy Lee Jones can also be found here though at the 30 second mark.

I'm getting a bid misty-eyed now, I need a whiskey!

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