Kuma Gorou!

クマ・ゴロー is better known to us as ヨギ・ベア (Yogi Bear) who was named after famous ヤンキースのスター(Yankee's Star) ヨギ・ベラ(Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra)and made his debut on the ハックルベリー・ハウンド・ショー(The Huckleberry Hound Show). As everyone knows, he steals picnic baskets from patrons of ジェリーストーン国立公園 (Jellystone National Park) and platonically chums around with his little buddy, ブーブー (Boo Boo) while evading スミスさん (Ranger Smith).

I'm rather impressed by the Japanese rendition of the theme song, Yogi does indeed sound smarter than the average bear.

I can't get the Huckleberry Hound theme to work on my pc, so I sent it over to Mark Evanier to see if he has better luck. I scammed the Yogi idea from him in the first place.

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