A Mickey Mouse Post.

I've been largely incognito of late, not because I've been sick or busy but because I've been wasting all my free time watching Bill Maher's New Rules. I've watched 35 compilations so far and I'm only up to 2008. I've only openly guffawed a few times but I've been amused enough that I just can't stop watching them! For example, this one has some funny bits near the end:

While UFO-catching some Halloween crap, I inevitably acquired some other crap, most notably, Cubic-Mouth!

It all started with ハイジ (Haiji or Heidi) and then somehow Disney in their infinite wisdom allowed Studio Crocodile to license their characters. In a marijuana-less country where the only ones who would find these interesting are stoners, the mind boggles as to why these were sanctioned. (On the other hand, idiots like me wasted money on them, so they are rather cagey methinks.)

Here are a few representatives of what I'm talking about.
Cute? Not really. Freaky? Somewhat. A way to keep Sega in business? Oh, yeah!

Can Chip and especially Dale look any more stoned in that last one? These next two aren't Cubic, but they are Disney and therefore become stocking stuffers for Alex's family when he goes home at Christmas. His family loves this f***ed up stuff. My family shuns it like sane people should.

More crap tomorrow!

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