Ball Four.

I'm back after a self-induced hiatus (laziness, coupled with a stupid camera problem, deleting a bunch of photos.) Hopefully I'll be back with a vengeance and play catch up this week.

Tonight I saw a bizarre movie, not the one I intended to see, but bizarre nonetheless. I wanted to see エイリアンvsニンジャ (AvN or Alien vs Ninja) and went to our local Repertory Cinema (Cine la Vita) to find out the times. Okay, a show at 6:30 and 20:20. I had stuff to do so I opted for the later, cheaper show. Little did I know that 6:30 was the LAST show for that movie and instead I saw another movie's premiere.

Here's a peek at what AvN looks like.

The above and following are part of upstart-film company Sushi Typhoon's releases which are 1/4 Tarantino, 1/4 Rodriguez, 1/4 Miike, 1/4 Iguchi & 1/4 Nishimura (I was never good with fractions.) They toured around the world in October and have now come to town.

I sufficed with tonight's presentation, デッドボール (Dead Ball--lots of pics here) and based on the poster, it looked pretty dumb...cute babes, lots of blood & baseball. I went in expecting little and was pleasantly surprised. My first surprise was that it had English Subtitles and they were really well done. Relatively few spelling errors and captured a lot of American humour, especially with the frequent use of the F-word. Directed with aplomb by Yudai Yumaguchi, I liked the lead dude, Tak Sakaguchi who could make a lit cigarette magically appear, pitch a killer ball and in a Tex Avery moment, punch out the Warden through a telephone! Check out the above link for more details. It's good silly fun!

Some of the other movies up for grabs are Yakuza Weapon and Helldriver which will premiere in a week.

I'm a little disappointed that we won't be getting Mutant Girl Squad. It looks like a bit of a giggle!

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