Ya Can't Trust a Kappa!

I had a great time doing the Countdown this year but I wasn't very organized and it turned out to be incredibly cutesy. Well, oftentimes that's the hand you're dealt in Japan and just have to play it out. What didn't occur was viewing some of the stuff I'd picked up over the past several weeks. Slowly, I'll get around to it (maybe in time for next year's.)

I found several movies for under two bucks and I snapped up whatever looked kind of spooky, kooky or altogether ooky. Here's what I watched tonight. From 2000, it's さくや妖怪伝 Sakuya-Yokaiden starring Nozomi Ando as the Samurai's daughter Sakuya, Shuichi Yamauchi as this punk kid Kappa-boy and Keiko Matsuzaka as the Spider-Queen. Though obviously made for children and not very spooky, the effects are nicely done and the kid is only mildly irritating.

Here are some pics of the Yokai that I snapped from the screen as it played.

During the end credits, the friendly Yokai do a dance with Kappa-boy, Taro.

You can watch it for yourself sans subtitles but it's pretty easy to follow.

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