Land of the Setting Sun.

At 4:00 I looked out the window and saw a huge sun (probably Sol) about to set on the horizon. Camera in hand, I zoomed out to the park in Izumi and upon arrival, there was no sun to behold. No sunset, just a distant glow. So my time wasn't completely wasted, I decided to take a few pictures of the changing leaves just so I can say I experienced Autumn. By 5:00, it was pitch black out. I DO wish we would Spring Forward & Fall Back over here so we could get an extra hour of daylight when it's useful. But DST was pooh-poohed back in the 50s and vetoed ever since.

I snapped a picture of a large bird, crane/stork/heron, I'm not sure which for he took off as soon as I approached within 50 metres. The second picture is of it in flight. Ghostly!

Now some actual trees. They're very Poplar this time of year. Oh, Stop Birching about it and Leaf it alone before you make an Ash of yourself!

Ducks and new KitKats too! What more could a man ask for?

It took me a few hours to download the above. Either my pc sux or Blogger does.

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