Let's Be Brave!

We won't see it in Japan for 2 months after its DVD release but the new Pixar flick, Brave, looks pretty sweet

Considering the last few Ghibli movies in America have barely scraped by in the Box Office, this poster for Arrietty looks like it was CGIed by American animators and not hand-painted like other Miyazaki efforts. To North American eyes, this may fare well though I personally find it distasteful.

Btw, huge SPOILER alert if you know nothing about this movie and want a few surprises, DON'T watch the following for everything is given away including the ending!

Getting back to Pixar, here is a walk-of-fame moment for John Lassiter as roasted by Mr. Potatohead himself, Don Rickles!

While we're on this Animated discussion, why are there NO Anime-ted nominees for the 2012 Oscars? What about "From Up on Poppy Hill"? Redline? Was there nuthin' of interest?

Anyway, now that Billy Crystal is hosting again, it may be worth watching (the best bits on YouTube that is.)

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