eBeans, The Magical Fruit!

Wandering into the basement of eBeans, I came across several empty stores which won't be open for another two weeks. One of two stores that were open is Saad (expensive leather goods) complete with a cigar-store Indian.

There's also a few used clothing stores (Hanjira & Don Don Down) selling fairly cheap garb which is the best place to buy either Japlish or WTF slogons on clothes.

There's not much else of interest here so I ventured upstairs. The third floor is home to yet another Maruzen Books (yawn) and if you go up two more floors, you'll find the massive bookstore, Junkudo on the 5th to 7th. It's no different except that there is now a separate section for kids books with one with NO kids! There's also a mysterious looking massage parlour (Green Oasis) ensconced within.

On the eighth floor, my Otaku shop has returned and I picked up a mystery-bag. More on that in a separate post.

Coolest part of the entire renovation is the addition of a rooftop patio upon the 4th floor! This weekend, they offer complementary Miso soup with mussels and round the clock bands and/or clowns! It's adorned with more giraffes, a teepee and several gardens and gazebos. I heard a cool jug band (Hotch Potch) with washboard and kazoos and a pretty good jazz singer.

There's also a stage for fashion or singers on the first floor and on the 10 floor there is another patio. There was an old lady on stage singing but she wasn't supposed to be doing so. It was a little creepy. There's a nice view from the tenth, I must say.

I'll leave you now with a send off by Monchichi!

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