Devil's Night Indeed.

I just finished "The Devil Rides Out" a movie that I've never seen before on the recommendation fellow Countdowner, John Rozum. Very creepy, extremely well done. I had to take a Spider Solitaire break half way through to keep my sanity.

I took a break from Hammer and watched something more gentile from the Japanese Horror Anthology series, 怪談新耳袋, Tales of Terror from Tokyo and All Over Japan. This is why I will never get a tattoo!

I think I need something more animated.

Cockroaches are creepy, flying roaches are downright terrifying!

Well, that's pretty much it for this Halloween. I'll comment on my Countdown participation tomorrow and maybe watch one more Terror Tale of Japan.

I have plenty of Kitty-Kreatures leftover from our Party since very few people came in costume so if you'd like one, drop me a line. I'll even throw in a Pumpkin Cheese Cake KitKat!


pcoristi said...

Really?! I'd like a Kitty-Kreature please! And even tho it's just me and the cat waiting for any trick or treaters that may brave the cold and rain I have my gypsy costume on!

Michael Jones said...

Happy to oblige. Once you receive it, sure to give me a shoutout on your blog.
Send me your address to
I'm notoriously lazy about sending these out, so if you do so hastily while I remember, I'll pop some goodies in the mail.


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