Hill eBeans!

Today was the grand reopening of Sendai's most eclectic Department Store complex, eBeans. It was severely damaged in the quake and has undergone a facelift nip & tuck so that the frontmost part has lost 6 floors!

I wandered through the front four floors and the back ten floors today and though the back ten has barely changed, the front four have undergone a major revamp.

Let me show you a few pictures of the second floor, some of which are rather odd.

Gone are all the trendy fashion stores selling overpriced garb for young gals and in their place are trendy boutiques selling overpriced items from Ghibli, Monchichi and Miffy! The first floor and basement have been earmarked for fashion but all but two stores won't be open until December 3rd.

Mysteriously, a menagerie of metallic monsters has menaced the main mezzanine!

Apart from an Italian Tomato and a few cafes, there few places to dine so I had Takoyaki (Octopus balls) for lunch!

There were several walls featuring art from birds to cats to 3D Gorillas!

That's about it for the second floor. It's time for bed but hopefully I can return to showcase more of eBeans, the magical fruit!


Picky in Sendai said...

Is the McDonald's on the 2nd floor still there? How about the English books section in the bookstore or the 100 Yen Shop? Thanks for the update.

Michael Jones said...

The McD had actually disappeared before the quake! It has now been replaced by an Italian Tomato. The 100 yen shop is kaput as is the floor that it used to exist upon! The Junkudo bookstore is almost exactly the same and the English section is well stocked. The nice thing about Maruzen and Junkudo in the same building is that you can easily compare prices. I usually found Maruzen more expensive.


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