Incredible Ogre.

I'm sorry I haven't had much to say this weekend but I've been ailing and decided to rest instead.

Tonight I just finished watching what I assumed would be a terrible movie and believe you me, it isn't very good. Walking into it, I had very low expectations and consequently got caught up in it and ended up enjoying it. It was filmed in Vancouver with about a 25$ budget, with laughable effects and the Ogre in question is not frightening at all, though the actors (John (Smallville) Schneider was the only name of note) did an admirable job of getting through the script without smirking. I actually found myself liking the obnoxious American "travellers" who saved the day and one of the townspeople appropriately referred to the smarmy one as a jester. It's hokey, but if you have 97 minutes to kill, you could do worse.

Here are a pair of trailers for it:

The Japanese title is インクレディブル (Incredible) probably because it came out around the same time as the Hulk remake and オーガー (O-gaa) just wasn't catchy enough. I can't find a Japanese trailer for it but based on the Hulkish cover (there isn't a single helicopter in the whole film), I believe my suspicions are justified.

I bought this movie for 2 bucks, I'd say I paid about twice what it's worth.

I'll be back tomorrow to catch up on all the stuff I missed out on over the weekend and all the non-Halloween stuff I'd acquired over the last month.

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