Happy Pocky Day!

I posted tried to post this on 11/11/11 at 11:11:11 according to my often-incorrect PC clock, times may vary internationally.
(PC froze at the last minute...Sigh!)

In order to get ready for today's event, I ran out to the local Conbini and bought a few boxes and I got a couple of Glico badges of Robin & friends. I forgot to photograph the badges, so you'll have to wait for a later update or I'll miss my 11:11 deadline. (Stupid blogger is taking forever to upload again so several pictures will have to be delayed...Sigh.)

Zombie Pocky:

Zombie Pocky extended ad:

The above are Halloweenish, the following-not so much. Here is a picture of Toppo who haven't jumped on the 11/11/11 band wagon.

Tex Avery Pocky:

Skinny Pocky:

Realistic Pocky:

Morning Musume Pocky:

Ubiquitous Pocky:

Pretz (For some reason, pronounced "Pritz" in Japan) did get in the act, I'm not sure what these characters are on the box, but they're kind of cool.

Best laid plans and all that, I missed my deadline thanks to a frozen computer and got it in at 11:12. I still had a few things to add, so it's even later. I'll update with the badges later.

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