Hardy Har Har.

I left work early today in order to nurse my headcold and took a three hour nap. Somewhat refreshed and in need of some cheering up, I took a gander at Mark Evanier's blog and ended up spending 2 hours watching an interview with the writers of Sid Caesar's shows. No outright chortling ensued but a few good lines and some wonderful insight. I sent that to my old writing partner, Blair from University ("Ha! Partner", he says. "I wrote 99% of our material, Michael wrote 1%!")

Then I watched a bit more of Sid such as the time when he, as the Professor, visited Big Bird.

I haven't been there in a while but I popped into see what Ken Levine had to say about Halloween. If you go to that link, he has a link to his favourite Cheers Halloween episode so I watched that too.

It brought back some fond memories so a quick peek at Letterman should suffice until I go back to bed. Alas, that wasn't nearly as funny as I'd like even though "vagina" was mentioned many times (I don't like that chick's laugh.)

So I need something amusing before I nod off. Looks like it'll have to be British or maybe Kids in the Hall. Going full-circle, did you know that they coined their name from the young comics who used to hang around outside Sid Caesar's shows hoping to sell a few of their jokes? (I've mentioned before of my childhood friendship with Scott Thompson...none of this ever occurred to me. I guess that's why he became successful and I didn't.)

There, that's better. Good night!

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