I like my new Olympus camera for it takes pretty good pics but the uploading of photos is often a royal pain. I just took 9 pics and had uploaded them successfully and then without prompting, my camera deleted them without saving them. So I took the pictures again (minus the 9th one which was a KitKat bar that I'd consumed.) Ah well, successfully uploaded the second batch and here is a miscellaneous menagerie.

They both seem to be llamas (Alpacas), one with a cutesy ribbon, the other in lederhosen. If you squeeze the Germanic one, クラレチャン (Kurare-chan) it screams, "Yuroda kista" which is incomprehensible to me and I don't even know what language it is.

My old pals, Angry & Hangry are back. Don't ask me which is which or you'll make me Angry & Hungry (I assume that's what they intended.)

Here's a wtf video showcasing them:

Next up is some bizarre hybrid between vegetables and bears. I think this one is cabbage or lettuce. I gave a friend a carrot-bear once. Just odd. Equally odd is this green Pokemonish creature. Dunno what it is.

I rather like this CareBear head that has been decapitated. No body, just a head and a heart.

More cats, a couple of plastic ones and a trio of fat-cats.

Finally, what appears to be a seal and a fluffy tail and my favourites fo the bunch: a triple dose of Pandapillars!

I should really get a couple of cats to play with all these cat toys I've acquired. Allergies make this an unwise decision.

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