Bon Voyage.

'Twas 25 years ago that the fourth Star Trek movie, The Voyage Home, was first presented. I believe I saw it in the company of Alex and maybe BigBob or Edge and we giggled our way through it. Easily the most amusing of the ST movies it was crammed full of in-jokes and, thanks to the direction of Leonard Nimoy, none of them fell flat. I watched the first 6 movies a few weeks ago and still haven't gotten around to the Next Generation of flicks. I'd watch this movie once more but I'm a little weary from a Sayonara party and a busy weekend.

Instead, I'll showcase some photos from the Pamphlet that I managed to pick up. It's the only one of the first 6 that I've been able to locate and it's glorious!

Consider yourself notarized as a true Trekker if you get the following reference...

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