Remembering Remembrance.

My tongue in cheek Pocky Day post in no way diminishes the sentiments felt by myself and others on Remembrance Day.

I taught "In Flander's Fields" to my students yesterday and I wish I had a Poppy to proudly wear today. An old university colleague expressed it best on FaceBook and I'm going to scam his post.

"For anyone out there playing "Call of Duty." My dad, Ted Harris, answered the real call of duty and served with distinction in WWII and for 30 years in the forces. He was proud to do so, but unlike a video game, war was never fun and never "awesome." He wanted the horror he experienced in the war to be remembered, but not romanticized or glorified. He left behind a request to be buried with the blue beret he wore as a U.N. Peace Keeper, one of his proudest moments in uniform. His wish was that some day the brave men and women of our armed forces would not have to make the sacrifices his generation did. This year, I wish to honour their service and also my father's desire for peace."
Thanks Paul.

Keep the peace everyone!!

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