Kyaputen Amerika.

There's only a week until it leaves theatres so I headed out to see キャプテン・アメリカ (Click that link for the Japanese Home Page and be sure to click the second box that says イベントダイジェスト=Event Digest, it's a hoot) while I still had the chance. Little did I know that the version I saw just happened to be the dubbed one so everyone spoke Japanese but fortunately I know the story so well, that it was fairly easy to follow. I may have missed out on a few of the jokes (like "what did Stan Lee say at the medal ceremony?") and I think the little French guy and DumDum had a few yuks but otherwise I don't believe I missed much dialogue.

Good stuff:
Red Skull--awesome!
Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos in action!
Peggy Carter is smoking hot!
Excellent song!
Confusing stuff:
I couldn't figure out why the Nazis were doing a double fist pump and saying, "Heil Hitler" until I realized that they were saying, "Hail Hydra!" (In Japanese, the former is ハイル・ヒトラー!; the latter is ヘイル・ヒドラー!)
Why is Tony Stark's dad so short?
Disappointing stuff:
Costumeless Bucky Barnes ignominious death.
Why did I paid 4 extra bucks for 3D when there weren't any 3D effects of note! (I honestly thought that the 3D version was in English and the 2D in Japanese which is why I avoided the 2D version. Sigh...stupid Nagamachi Mall!)

There were NO goods for sale at Nagamachi either but fortunately I picked up the last of the Clear Files at Rifu 2 weeks ago. One side is the poster, the other has some iconic images upon it.

It came with a Marvel-file as well.

Now I wish I'd bought the Captain America's Shield-Frisbee.

I really wish the movie had ended like this:

ps. I also saw カウボーイ & エイリアン Cowboy & Alien (Japanese title has no plurals)...Loved it!
and I saw Mission 8 Minutes (otherwise known as Source Code)...Liked it a lot!

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