Ago, ago, ago-ago-ago-ago-ago-ago...

顎 or ago is Japanese for JAWS. (Be sure to click that link, you'll be glad you did.) Now go back and hum the post's title using John William's dynamic tune.

Why am I going on about Jaws? Though I'd read of his passing earlier, I didn't bother mentioning it until I discovered that he's Canadian. Percy Rodriguez (June 13th, 1918 – September 6th 2007; age 89) played Commodore Stone in the iconic Court Martial episode of Star Trek TOS. Not only was he the first black actor to portray a Flag Officer on ST, he also broke other barriers by portraying authoritative figures in other series.

But everyone one in Canada (and I'm sure the U.S.) will know him as the voice of the Narrator for the JAWS trailer (amongst other memorable trailers.)

Listen to this trailer and try and tell me that it doesn't bring back your Selachophobia (fear of sharks).

20 years after his retirement, Mr. Rodriguez was urged from his home to provide the narration for The Shark is Still Working trailer, a documentary about the movie.
He's still got it...

We salute you Commodore Stone.

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