Snots trump Rabbits.

Mokugohan & Nori's team, the SNOTS beat the Rascally Rabbits last night in the Summer Tournament.

A hard hitting game was finally won 5-3. Neither Alex nor Nori scored a single point, though they did contribute to many a hit including a shmuck into the boards whereupon Alex snapped his opponent's stick in two!

Highlight of the game: The name of Player #11 is Takeshite but his shirt has no "E" on the end so it reads "TAKESHIT"! He doesn't TAKE SHIT from no one!

おめでとうごうざいます! (Omedetou Gozaimasu = Congratulations!)

This post has been brought to you by KitKat, Vanilla Beans flavour.

1 comment:

NORI said...

Thank you for coming to assist.
We did it!!
yatta~ :)


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