Proof: Garlic Kills Vampiric Leeches!

In this article that I've affectionately entitled "Attack of the Leeches", it mentions that little vampires are attacking Japan. They are in fact those cuddly little annelids called ヤマビル (yamabiru or Mountain Leech) that love to suck your blood. The good news is that if you smear garlic all over your body, you are likely to kill the little buggers, and copious amounts of beer has some effect. So if you choose to get drunk and smell of garlic, you're safe, otherwise...

Thank goodness there's some protection against these and other insidious beasties! On the other hand as these guys attest, leeches have positive attributes as well. They're not all the nasties stuck to the scrotum of our least favourite STNG character, Wil Wheaton in Stand By Me, but physicians have long used the wiggling worms to cure what ails you.

Finally for an enjoyable download of one of the worst movies ever, go to Google video to slug it out with the nasty suckers.

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