Now That's Not Very Cricket!

I did indeed have another cricket in my room the other night. I'm pretty sure he was around for a few days, I hate to think how he might have been violating me while I slept. Using a handy shirt, I scooped him up and shuffled him outside. (I honestly don't know the gender, but he was an ugly bugger, so I'll go with male.)

I saw this little feller sitting on a damp park bench at 2:00 am when I sat down for a breather. He (again I didn't check) patiently sat there while I clicked away but he didn't flash me a Peace Sign. (A question to the biologically aware. From what I recall of my high school biology, these little buggers have to undergo a larval stage as tadpoles or pollywogs, preferrably in free standing water where the eggs can mature. In the middle of the city, there is NO water anywhere in sight. This guy looks to be the size of a tree frog. Do they procreate differently. Did he hop there from a nearby park several blocks away? Did he come up from the sewer? Did he land there in some biblical plague? Where the H-E-double hockey sticks did he come from?)

This little とんぼ (tonbo=dragonfly) was flitting around some clothes for sale at the Jazz Fest. Very cool. One of several insects that Japanese people hold reverence for. Apart from being cute, dragonflies have been used for medicinal purposes here.

Speaking of Dragonflies, here is a picture of "Frustration", a band led by my co-worker Michiko. She has this excellent Janis Joplin-esque voice and can really belt out a tune.

What does she have to do with dragonflies, you might ask? Halfway through her set, unbeknownst to her, a dragonfly settled on her microphone. She started singing and it flew up startling her. It landed on the mic again and to her credit, she not only continued singing, but without missing a beat, allowed it to land upon her finger whereupon she set it free. Very impressive.

My co-worker, Nobuo watching our other co-worker & her band.

A cool painting from the Mediatech Art Gallery.

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