This is Jeopardize!

This episode of Jeopardize will feature animals from the EDGE top 100.

Tonight's categories are Pesky Rodents, Rhinoplasty, Siren's song, So Long and Thanks for All the Fish and I've got a Bad Case of Monotreme.

I'll take Pesky Rodents for 200$, Alex.
This arboreal and nocturnal rodent resides on the Japanese islands of Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu and looks like a chipmunk.
What is Chip & Dale?
No, I'm sorry, that is incorrect.
What is the Japanese Dormouse?
That's right. Next choice?

How about Rhinoplasty for 100$?
This Critically endangered coffee-loving Rhinocerous has less than 60 members left.
Hmmm. Coffee Loving? Oh, what is the Javan Rhino?
Refreshing! And your next category is?

So Long for 500$, please.
This previously endangered cetacean that the Chinese believe to be a reincarnated drowned princess has now been rendered extinct.
(Singing) What is "We love the Yangtse River Dolphin..."
Very amusing, you sang that on Porpoise! Hahaha. Next up?

Let's try A Bad Case of Monotreme for 300$
Seeking out that Daily Double, are we? This egg-laying, long-snouted mammal is endangered.
Could it be a Platypus?
Oooh, nice try. Anyone else?
What is the Echidna?
Correct, the Spiny Anteater would also have been accepted.

We have time for one more question before the break, what category would you like?
I'm curious about Siren's Song, Alex, for 200$.
This underwater mammal, originally thought of to be the inspiration for the legend of Mermaids, was ridden by Aquaman in the 50's.
Is it Topo, the octopus?
No. Remember the answer.
How about a Giant Seahorse?
That's not right either. We're looking for a mammal.
It must be Tusky, the walrus.
I'm sorry, that was neither in the form of a question, nor was it correct. Surely you've "herd" of a Sea Cow or a Dugong, gang? Well, that's all the time we have. Watch this commercial message and we'll return later to "Jeopardize!"

For more interesting info on species of Japan, I highly recommend
Rowan Hoopers work published in the Japan Times.

Unfortunately, I could spend weeks on Jeopardize, Endangered Animals. Do what YOU can to help.

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