You Don't Know That You're My Hiro.

Anyone outside of Japan has already seen "Heroes" and it's breakout star, Hiro Nakamura. Played by 岡 政偉 (Oka Masayori, nicknamed Masi), he has a background in improvisation, and has performed on the stages of Second City, ImprovOlympics, The Groundlings, and TheatreSports. He got his start working for Lucas' ILM and has been nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Emmy for his Hiroic role. Check out his Time Magazine Cover to see him back in 1987.

やった!! (yatta=yippee!) Heroes is finally making it to Japan on September 29th on Superchannel. Check out an interview with Masi where he talks about Heroes and ILM.

For Heroes of another kind, I'm anxiously awaiting the new ファンタスティック フォー:銀河の危機 (Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer.) It's had so-so reviews but so did the first movie and I liked it. For the Japanese trailer check it out and if you're ambitious, you can play games based on each of the characters here. To play the game hit the "スタート" button twice and just try and figure it out.
*Johnny chases the Silver Surfer, just use your up/down/left buttons to catch him, power up on the red balls and avoid obstacles. Once I figured it out, I still suck at it.
*Sue's game is tough to figure out, you have to shoot her invisible force field at a helicopter, but I haven't really figured out how to fire. She does look cute in her wedding dress though.
*With Ben's game, put your shoulder to the oncoming car and then punch at tires flying your way. Harder than it looks.
*Reed's game was completely incomprehensible to me, I suspect that you have to combine flasks to prevent an explosion, but I have no idea how.

Anyone care to translate??

While we're pining for the next hero to come along, a rather IRONic casting of Robert Downey Jr as the alcoholic Tony Stark makes the perfect IRON MAN! (Thanks Rachelle for the trailer link, click on "Greatest movie of all time" once you go there. Admittedly, it does look awesome.)

I'm running out of superheroes, so let's link to a forthcoming anime instead:

Sword of the Stranger is another anime that looks like it has Samurai Sword and a Stranger. I can't tell you much more, but the trailer does look kind of cool. (When you enter the site, click on the little red kanji on the left until you come to the one named "Trailer".)

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