Going into Labour.

Happy Labour Day to my fellow Canucks (and Happy Labor Day to the Americans). So today is the last day of freedom for Canajun students before their school year starts. Fortunately, my school was off today so I could go out last night and get poop-faced. Today I have done nothing labourious and have just mellowed out my hungover body.

But what did I get up to last night, you may ask? Oktoberfest came early this year for curiously, October takes place in Late August & early September in Japan. I met up with Dave, Adam, Dom, Tom & Alex at 8:30 only to discover that last call is in 30 minutes. We still managed to enjoy ourselves and scoff down some sausages and a beer or two. Later we moved on to Mint House, Shaft, Ernies and ultimately BBs where I quaffed a few Absinthes and became more obnoxious than usual.

A couple of sausage salesgirls.

Techno-girl is a huge Deutsch-ophile (lover of all things ドイツ or doitsu which is the Japanese word for Germany.)

A friend of Techno-girls, a very drunken, Shoko. Her t-shirt proclaims, "Irish yoga".

New papa, Thomas, a guy I see about twice a year at various functions in the city.

Definitely a fun party, but I am paying for it today.

The following is someone's idea of a good time at last year's Octoberfest (I think it took place in April.)

I'm ending here with a picture of some street buskers, an ingenious quartet playing Dixieland music.

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