This weekend is a long weekend due to the 秋分の日 (Shubun no hi or Autumnal Equinox) so our SkyPerfect SuperChannel ran a Star Trek weekend in honour of ST:TNG's 20th/ ST:OS 40th anniversary. I caught a few episodes yesterday and today, and it was a very random selection. Most seemed to be those directed by Cast Members with a little tidbit of an interview with them after each episode. Frankly, I could watch the Original Series over and over, but I couldn't really pay attention to the Next Gen.

If anyone would like to participate in a contest to win some ST swag, click here. One prize is a bust of Riker, I would much prefer Counsellor Troi's bust (har-de-har).

Now for a bit of スタートレック vs. スターウォーズ (Star Trek vs. Star Wars) with Japanese subtitles for my local readership.

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