A Child of Beauty and Wisdom.

美智子 (Michiko, 美=beauty; 智=wisdom; 子=child) has been an occasional acquaintance of mine for the last several years. She first showed up on the dance floor, grooving to the Echophonyk tunes around 5 years ago. She stopped attending about 3 years ago, though I continued sending her invitations monthly. We bumped into each other last week, had dinner and then spent tons of time together during the Jazz Fest. Just so you don't accuse me of stalking, I know that romance is not to be, for she seems content with her beau of several years. But with little explanation, here is a compendium of photos taken over the last week.

Dinner at Suu's bar, Title.
With her heroine, Heidi.
With her sister at the main stage.
Nori is concentrating on something.
Boogieing amongst the masses.
Deep Purple guy in the background.
I need a shave.
This picture was taken about 3 years ago. I really need a shave.

(Ps. This is not the same Michiko as my co-worker. It's a fairly common name. I know three.)

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