Pure Purikura.

プリクラ is a shortened form of プリント倶楽部 (purinto kurabu = Print Club) and at any given moment at school, you can see my students gossipping about their latest phone booth conquests, trading them back and forth and basically paying no attention to what the teacher is saying.

A few people enter the booth, do several different poses using various "blue screen" backgrounds and snap away.

Before printing, one can use a special pen, write messages on the screen and decorate the perimeter with swirls and hearts. One then prints off their masterpiece onto a 4X6 sheet, cuts them up and distribute them amongst one's friends.

I've indulged in this activity several times, though I haven't done it in a few years. (I had a mini-collection of prints kept in my wallet until I had my wallet ripped off in Calgary a few years back. I hate to think that someone is showing off MY purikura!)

But recently I snapped a few with Fumika, a friend's friend's friend whom I've dated a few times. Click on the mini-pic to Jumbo-size it.

I have a bunch more somewhere and once I find them, I'll post them for posterity.

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